The Contender

by Failure In Vanity

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released June 24, 2011

Raymond Frusco; Jimmy Allan; Nick DeRosa; Michael Pollaro; Michael Gyenes



all rights reserved


Failure In Vanity Toms River Township, New Jersey

We enjoy pushing the boundaries of our music, always in the process of evolution with our songwriting. We write our music to tell our story.

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Track Name: Essence
Track Name: Two Timer
There was a time when you were on your own. No one to guide. No one to keep you strong. So I carried your weight upon my back. Never would I let you fail. I should have known it would become your chopping block. Your words would reside behind my back. But my kindness will not be played for weakness. This could be the last time that we ever talk. Two timer, serpent tongue. I stand so that you may fall. Your words have deceived us all. You two timer with your serpent tongue. All will know, all will be sung. My weakness is judgment for I am a fool to think that you d be so worthy. I don't care for the words that will surely fail you. For the lies you shall speak will never really guide you. I don't care for the words that will surely fail you, never guide you. I hold within myself the value that people are worth more than how they may come across.
Track Name: Purgatory Dreams
Feverishly, I awoke from a slumber so deep. Sweat glazed over my pale skin. For within these days I find myself retreating to my dreams. Here is where you've become my nightmare. Fearful of sleep now and the torment it has shared. Pound upon my skull, erase these memories, the frame work for my insanity. Dream no longer the voices call unto me. But now she stands burning before my eyes. Must this repeat? Must this repeat before my burning eyes? My love misplaced, now doused in pain. Death now claims you eternally in my mind and this is my fault, my failure to save a love in my life. Your memory has become my purgatory pouring into my endless dreams. I ll burn for you my dear, for a lifetime or eternity to save you of that day. Fateful framed events now leave us so shallow, struggling to live life just another day. But I m on my way back to you wondering where our love will take us in the afterlife. Until then I ll dream of you and of our last day and pray death frees me of a life spent without you. Death free me of this life spent without her. Burn for me. Fateful framed events now leave us so shallow, struggling to live life just another day. Burn for me my dear.
Track Name: The Contender
The world has dragged me down. Yet I share these thoughts of life as I digress. I stand so tall. I've been through such troubling times. But these feelings are leaking from my chest. It s these choices I have made. What difference does it make? For there are few words I could share to describe the feelings leaking from my chest. How do I breathe the air that you ingest? How do I live each day knowing you are just so out of reach? Oh, but it s these decisions I have made. It s these moments I've chosen for myself. I thought I knew this. I thought I knew it all. Do save me of my missed opportunities. For I am unable to breathe the air you breathe. You are just beyond my grasp. You are just outside my life. I will love the day when words will set us free. What else can I say? What words will find my troubled tongue? My lips stumble upon these frail words, slipping into empty sentences. My conscious reminds me that some things are better left to their fate. So with that, I ll take my leave of these thoughts and retrace my steps. Retrace my steps back to loneliness.
Track Name: Guardian
Open your eyes. Remember this is but a part of life and this time
will surely pass. I know that fear has overtaken you and not even my words could shake these feelings. Just take notice to those around you and that they are fearful for what they do not understand. You just have yet to accept this and many do not. You've lived a life of violence and this was bound to be your fate. So now I welcome you to your death. But do not fear this now you ll find your way somehow. That is my purpose I am your guardian. So now you must accept this departure from those now left behind. You re going to a better place. I know your fear to meet with the almighty, but he is most generous. But I must admit to you, this was a game. This was a simple hoax. Never was there a future hidden within this light. This was a game, a simple hoax. Never was there a future, only that of blazing warmth. So without further delay I guide you to the gates of oblivion. Welcome to eternity. Let your flesh burn as it will.
Track Name: Barcadia
So this is what we go through to feel this way. Some things are better left unsaid or so I m told. Girl, you know what I mean when I speak these words. You re easy come, easy go, there s no substance to you. Sustained relations, it s the way I lead this life. No time for your uneasy eyes that have been set upon me. Let your slut tongue glide upon your smooth lips. Let your anticipation eat your heart alive. And from what I can see some things never change. A new generation that seeks the same in the end. But I know this is what they want and they'll never get it. So stick to your guns girl, and sleep in with the sirens. Lye with your heart on your sleeve and your hips spread wide. I wish death upon you. A mistake within procreation. The ignorance
of your actions defines this culture. Spare me sly words, for these eyes do not believe the deceivers. I have higher standards than you. These questions that have endless answers will keep you lying on your back. You'll never have my heart. You'll never hold me close. I feel the difference in the way that we touch. I m not your trophy girl. I ll never be that way. I have no time for sly tricks now-a-days. But your actions will never carry you far from here. Your future relies on the lack of self respect you show. You make the difference. I hope this breaks you down.
Track Name: My Bloody Valentine
Tis' the season of love and lust, but for this reason death is a must. You partied, you danced. Quick to forget those who were now in your past. Beneath the surface we were calmly unaware death would soon claim our names. The scent of methane lingers in the air, now igniting my disgust buried now in the darkest grave. Somehow I am surfaced, somehow I am saved. Tortured now by thoughts of love, I rise to my feet, in uniform I stand. This mask will show no emotion in a time of lust. This axe will carve, cut and crush. One by one I claim their lives, butchering their hearts as a trophy of my scars. You shall know suffering. You will all feel this pain. Never again will you dance or parade. I have returned.
Track Name: Moira
We must live within ourselves as we progress from the past. Leaving
behind the traces of mistakes and regrets and everything we once felt. Let me stare into your eyes, for it shall be the last time I shall gaze upon them and would not leave with regret. As to simply forget your beauty, a calling in life I cannot disregard. So to you, I wish to return. Please do not forget me. Our love is everlasting. One more look back as I place my foot upon the war path. The scent of flames tames to the essence of your choice perfume. This last goodbye spoken softly into your ear, words of passion, now I must let go. But when I return on top of the world, I will have you take my hand to stand beside me. Departure leaves me breathless as I take to my arms. The weight of a war now reigns down into my soul. Many to perish at my side, for we are to forfeit our lives Or just survive. So to you, I wish to return. Please do not forget me. Our love is everlasting. I shall endure. And this memory of what we have shall carry me through the darkest of my days. By blood and steel I promise thee. I shall endure. And this memory of what we have shall carry me through the darkest of my days.
Track Name: The Consituency
I've felt so frozen within frail moments. Powerless to change the things around me. So I've turned to the future, and onward I move
with intentions set on changing the world around me. Don't tell me that it can't be done. For this world is falling to pieces right before your blinded eyes. You stand before a vanity of fear and neglect. Its reality that you have abandoned and it is with that I rise to my feet to bring forth this revolution. I cannot stand these words that you speak. I cannot feel pity nor remorse. For the future is right before you and without your embrace, disaster is imminent. My words shall be my shield. My actions shall be my spear. Your inaction will be the end of us all. How can we learn to heal when the wounds that we bare are
so open to the world? Many messengers have show-cased our weakness and we are exploited. We must accredit this to your inaction. It s your greed that controls your motives. So before you I stand, no longer will I hear these lies. Now freed of your lies; Revolution, Resistance. But now I must rest my tired voice. For I am sore and these words must sink in. Believe in this.